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August 30, 2008

Pic of the Week – 20080830

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Ok, it’s three pics this week… but they go together really well.

March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

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Mackenzie Easter Portrait child madison wisconsin

Easter at the Carden house of course included a new dress and Easter basket for Mackenzie.

We decided to let her discover the basket in the studio so the grandparents could see. Click on the image to see more.

Of course the first thing she reached for was Minnie!

The big treat of the day was her first Hershey’s Kiss, which fortunately went straight into her mouth and not all over her hands and dress. She definitely liked it.

We also got out the bunny that has been with her since her first day in the NICU. If you want to see how much the bunny has shrunk, check out her Ages photo gallery.

If you didn’t get the images you wanted of your child’s Easter outfit, contact me for a no-fee portrait session.

March 13, 2008

Emma’s latest!

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child portrait in Madison, Wisconsin

I have had the wonderful privilege of photographing Emma Le Duc’s first year… from a tiny preemie to the beautiful little girl that she is today.

Mackenzie came down to the studio after the shoot and at first seemed a little jealous that her Daddy had been playing with another little girl. After a couple of minutes she warmed up and enjoyed being the big girl and playing a bit of peek-a-boo with Emma.

God has richly blessed Dale and Lisa with this lovely child.

July 21, 2007

Peyton & Brooklyn

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Ok, follow the bouncing ball here… Peyton and Brooklyn are the daughters of the daughter of a cousin of my wife’s mother. Anyway, they’re in town visiting and dropped by to play with Mackenzie. We also ducked into the studio for a quick portrait session. It’s a challenge to combine the limited amounts of cooperation available with a 3 year old and a 4 month old. Here is what can happen when they are in sync.

photo of sisters children child portrait in madison wisconsin

June 21, 2007

A beautiful little girl, part 2

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Earlier I wrote about meeting Makenna for the first time. Roger and Tara Ingalls did bring her by the studio in the spring. I just delivered a beautiful mid-sized gallery mounted piece for Tara’s conference room at Tingalls Dyzn.

Here is the image that Tara selected.

infant portrait of a baby in madison wisconsin

March 1, 2007

A beautiful little girl

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infant baby girl in father's arms by a madison wisconsin photographerThis morning, I was in a meeting with Roger and Tara Ingalls and their lovely little girl Makenna. As you can see I had a camera along and was able to snap some cool candids. This one is my favorite.

Makenna is visiting the studio later this month for her first portrait.

As you can see, Roger likes Toyotas. Actually Roger just helped Cheri and I get a new Toyota Sienna for our daughter at Smart Motors. He did an excellent job helping us select the right vehicle and making the buying process quite pleasant.

Since I plugged Roger, I must also note that Tara will soon be helping me consolidate the design of my web site and other materials with a new logo.

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