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March 27, 2008

Senior Art

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I’ve been getting ready for high school senior season and dug this one out. I wanted to do a play on a mugshot… but something that still showed the warmth of the subject and a little personality.

Is it a portrait or is it art? Can it be both?

senior portrait girl madison wisconsin deforest mugshot

This piece is designed for a 10×20 canvas wrap.

March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

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Mackenzie Easter Portrait child madison wisconsin

Easter at the Carden house of course included a new dress and Easter basket for Mackenzie.

We decided to let her discover the basket in the studio so the grandparents could see. Click on the image to see more.

Of course the first thing she reached for was Minnie!

The big treat of the day was her first Hershey’s Kiss, which fortunately went straight into her mouth and not all over her hands and dress. She definitely liked it.

We also got out the bunny that has been with her since her first day in the NICU. If you want to see how much the bunny has shrunk, check out her Ages photo gallery.

If you didn’t get the images you wanted of your child’s Easter outfit, contact me for a no-fee portrait session.

March 15, 2008

Campaign for Real Life

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A couple of years ago a friend told me the story of his brother gathering their whole family for a portrait, including his two brothers, grandparents and all of the grandkids. Everyone was excited as they gathered at this brother’s home… that is until it was announced they were heading to one of those big department stores in the mall. They knew they were in trouble when the kid running the place had to open up a three-ring binder to read how to pose that many people. Well they all got shoved together in the tiny room and everyone could see the camera… but the camera couldn’t really see everyone.

Welcome to the land of snapshot chain photography.

Because of copyright laws, I can’t show that image, but this friend tells me no one in his family ever displayed the photo in their homes.

What I can show you is an image I had the privilege of taking for a family gathered to celebrate a 50th anniversary.
family portrait in wisconsin dells madison photographer

I invite you to show the world that you won’t settle for mediocre photography any longer!!! SAY NO TO CHAIN STUDIOS! SAY NO TO LIFELESS PHOTOGRAPHY! SAY YES TO TRUSTING YOUR MEMORIES ONLY TO REAL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHERS!


campaign for real life

March 13, 2008

Emma’s latest!

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child portrait in Madison, Wisconsin

I have had the wonderful privilege of photographing Emma Le Duc’s first year… from a tiny preemie to the beautiful little girl that she is today.

Mackenzie came down to the studio after the shoot and at first seemed a little jealous that her Daddy had been playing with another little girl. After a couple of minutes she warmed up and enjoyed being the big girl and playing a bit of peek-a-boo with Emma.

God has richly blessed Dale and Lisa with this lovely child.

March 5, 2008

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Come see me this Friday at the annual Artist Showcase at Blackhawk Church!

March 2, 2008

Dad’s and Damsels

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I was honored with the opportunity to share capture some great images of Dads and their daughters at Blackhawk Church’s Dads and Damsels Dance. It was a blessing to share in this evening of fun and Dad-n-daughter time.

If you were at the dance and are looking for the images, please contact me for the link.

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