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February 10, 2008

Introducing Karson

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Before Cheri and I had Mackenzie, I had a slight apprehension with the thought of shooting children and infants. Now children are some of my most enjoyable subjects… especially when they are infants. Yesterday I had the honor of meeting Karson on just his fourth day in this world.

infant and family portrait in Madison, Wisconsin army baby

Karson’s dad was able to come home from Iraq in time to see his son enter this world. Today he returns to Iraq to continue fighting that our country may remain free and safe.

It was definitely an honor to create images with this wonderful family for two reasons:

First, I shoot now because I want to create images that matter to people. My first jobs as a professional photographer were in the news business. I know the thrill of having my work appear on ABC World News Tonight, CNN or in major newspapers. A helicopter crash put an end to that part of my career and I went nearly 10 years without shooting seriously. When I did pick up a camera again in 2002, I believe God led me to portrait and wedding photography, rather than back to journalism, for families like this.

OpLoveSecond, I am part of an organization of photographers who donate sessions to deployed military families. I was a photojournalist briefly for the Army National Guard and was trying to transfer to the Air Force Reserves when that helicopter crashed. A couple of weeks after the crash I was called to carry a camera in Desert Storm, but could not because of a shattered vertebrae. I had to remain inactive until my discharge. Operation: Love Reunited gives me a chance to give back to the men and women who serve and sacrifice in my place.

Last night Karson’s dad shared this with me:

I really want to thank you for the pictures you did today, I’m still teared up from the slide show you put together. In the Field all I have is my iPod and I sleep with my picture slide show playing, what you did today, with your picture magic, keeps me close to my family that I’m going to miss dearly. I never knew how much a picture could steal your breath, but seeing the two loves of my life together in those pictures…its worth a million words, I live breath, and fight for them…they are the only reason I still go on strong day to day…and I thank you EXTREMELY for doing this and keeping them close to me so far away…

It’s days like yesterday and families like this that help remind me that I shoot for more than just to put food on the table.

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