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March 28, 2007

Executive Portraits

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executive business portrait by a madison wisconsin photographerImage is important for any business. But when a big part of the image your business needs to project includes you, quality images can play a key role in projecting a professional image. Brochures, newsletters, web sites, business cards and more can turn heads with quality images.

Your portrait can make a significant difference in how a potential client perceives you. Anyone with a camera can take a snapshot to place on a business card.

A professional photographer understands that your image requires much more than a snapshot or passport photo. Many little details of lighting, posing, clothing, backgrounds, hair and more must be considered.

A good executive portrait must present you as approachable, capable and trustworthy. A great portrait purveys a little something extra special about you.

I enjoy in creating executive and business portraits that present something of the personality of the subject. It’s that extra touch that can help you stand out to your potential clients. It’s part of my creating art from life… and business!

This is Mary Richardson. She is starting a new business helping women in life transitions and now has a great executive portrait that has already turned a few heads.

Tingalls Dyzn has a new business package that includes discounts from several businesses. Included in that package is a certificate for an executive portrait at half price from Carden Photography. I look forward to helping both established and new businesses present a great image.

March 16, 2007

Silly Posed Wedding Pics

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Remember your aunt’s wedding album with those pictures of the bridal party jumping up in the air?


Weddings are fun and often do involve silliness. I like shooting fun weddings. Capturing that fun and the personality of the bride and groom are an important to me. However you won’t find me suggesting anything silly just for the sake of being silly.

March 14, 2007

Jodie & John

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Jodie is one of the new staffers for Blackhawk Church. She brought her fiance John along for her staff portrait. Yup, I made them get together in front of the camera.

wedding engagement photo of a couple by a photographer in madison wisconsin

March 8, 2007

Demystifying Wedding Photography

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One of the most important choices a bride has to make about her wedding is the photographer. Can you afford to hire a professional. This is one of the most special days ever in your life. Can you afford to not hire a professional?

Many bridal publications and message forums contain misleading and even erroneous information about wedding photography.

Carden Photography is proud to be part of an effort to help brides better understand the process of selecting a wedding photographer. This web site has an in-depth FAQ along with sample work from some of the top professional wedding photographers around the world. If you’re a bride-to-be, or know one, take a few minutes to check out this site.

More Blackhawk portraits

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This week I had the privilege of shooting three new staffers for Blackhawk Church. The image selection process is underway. One more is scheduled for next week … and she’s bringing along her fiance for an impromptu engagement session.

Once images are edited, I will add them to the Blackhawk gallery and possibly one or two of my favorites here.

March 1, 2007

A beautiful little girl

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infant baby girl in father's arms by a madison wisconsin photographerThis morning, I was in a meeting with Roger and Tara Ingalls and their lovely little girl Makenna. As you can see I had a camera along and was able to snap some cool candids. This one is my favorite.

Makenna is visiting the studio later this month for her first portrait.

As you can see, Roger likes Toyotas. Actually Roger just helped Cheri and I get a new Toyota Sienna for our daughter at Smart Motors. He did an excellent job helping us select the right vehicle and making the buying process quite pleasant.

Since I plugged Roger, I must also note that Tara will soon be helping me consolidate the design of my web site and other materials with a new logo.

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